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Kitty Haven


Create a nook for your kitty…great place for a kitty to relax, especially if she needs to escape from the pup for a bit!
Add a pillow to an empty shelf for comfort!


Clever Living Room Organization using Vintage and Mix-Matched Items…

chest blanket storageAwesome way to store blankets in the living room. The bottom chest is an antique chest I picked up in CT for $15, the top is an old oil cloth suitcase I found on eBay, and the middle chest was a TJ Maxx find a few years back. Stacked these add dimension to a room and the cascading plant adds elegance.

More fun in color…more gets done too!

So I have just had the great realization that more on my to-do list is accomplished when it’s done in color…lesson learned…bring the markers and colored pens to the table!


Day 21 – Fridge Organization

You would never know how much I hate clutter walking into my house…stacked with stuff that just really doesn’t have a place to go quite yet. I think that may be one of the things that steals away some of my motivation, it just feels overwhelming looking at it all sometimes. I almost feel like I need a “blank canvas” to get it all together. The key for me, living in a small condo with way too much stuff, is to be creative and resourceful (those are the key words of this year!).  Also being on a really tight budge I have been very focused on trying to re-purpose things and use things and areas smarter.

I made this message board in about 5 minutes using an old and cracked small cork board from my son’s room that he no longer utilizes… I cut the cracked edges off, wrapped it in cupboard liner that I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1 a roll (I am hoping to use them in the cupboards and drawers to add more design to the kitchen) and hot glued some decorative paper clips to it to hold notes and things. I then glued magnets onto the back so I could stick it on the fridge.

fridge board1 fridge board2 fridge board3 fridge board4

I also found that sticking magnet strips on the back of a calender and my son’s art work was a great way to stick it to the fridge! I put up the “Pretty Clipboards” ( I had made earlier in the week and chose my favorite magnets to keep neatly displayed.

fridge organization 1 fridge organization 2

I figure if I do a little bit each day that I will eventually get my home organized how I want it to be… the bonus is that I have a little bit of a tax refund coming…hoping to pick up some new shelves and cabinets to help get things organized better too. Happy Crafting, Cleaning and Organizing!

20 Minute Craft to add organization and some chic, upscale decor to your Bathroom

bh finished2

I was looking for ideas to organize my bathroom but still keep it chic looking and not too utility looking or feeling…

This 20-minute craft created a nice way to keep my make up brushes organized and add a little upscale flare to the bathroom.

brushholder supplies  Step 1. Gather your supplies – 2 glass votive holders, 2 faux flowers, vase fillers, ribbon. You will also need a hot glue gun and scissors.

bh step 1  Step 2.  Pull flower tops off of stems and cut strips of ribbon to fit around the votive holders.

bh step2  Step 3. Wrap ribbon around votive holders and glue in place. Glue flower tops to wear ribbon comes together.

bh finished1 Step 4. Fill votive holders about half way with vase filler and insert brushes. Place in bathroom in place of your choice.

An easy and quick project!

Day 19 – Feeling Cozy and Creative!

Well our furnace is back up and running – yay! This makes crafting in my craft studio (which is in the basement) much more tolerable…temperature wise, I’m always in a happy mood in my craft studio : )

Tonight I created a Cozy, Country Chic NoteBoard:

Noteboard Supplies  Collect your supplies: I found burlap boards at Walmart on clearance – Score! – I also picked up a some pretty and funky floral fabric, some ribbon, a paper mache butterfly, some pretty pink flowers at AC Moore’s, and some funky paperclips at the Dollar Tree.

Noteboard Finished (1)  I cut a heart out of the fabric and created a ribbon border at the top and bottom. I then arranged the other embellishments on the burlap board. I used a hot glue gun to adhere everything to the board… I swear if I could fix everything in my life with a hot glue gun I’d be on it!


Add some notes to the clips and ta-dah!

Pretty Fridge Clipboards

I made these to contribute to my Kitchen Organizing…This is a pretty way to keep forms such as grocery shopping lists and cleaning tasks lists neat and tidy.

Plain Clipboards  1. Start with plain clipboards. I was able to find a 3-pack at Staples for about $4.

Paint Blue  2. Paint clipboards your color(s) of choice. I was going to make one red and one blue but ended up painting both red. I’ll save the blue one for another project another day.

Cover Clip Add Embellishments  3. Cover Clip…I glued fabric scraps on using Modge Podge… worked out okay but was a pain, I wouldn’t wish this task on my worst enemy… I would suggest either hot gluing the fabric scraps or go with a different medium to cover it. Next add embellishments, I used some faux flowers I purchased today on my supplies shopping trip.

Add Magnets  4. Add magnets. I purchased these self-adhesive “Magnet Cards” at AC Moores for about $3 for a pack of 6. I added some hot glue to the back to help strengthen the bond.

Pretty Clipboard Pretty Clipboards 5. Add printables and your set.                                                                                 I found my printables on Pinterest…lots of choices there!

Project 16 & 17… in the spirit of love!

I guess I have some back-tracking to do on my blog here since it’s been a couple of days!

Here are my two little Valentine’s Day Projects…

Valentine's Votive1 Valentine's Votive2   A little Modge Podge Project – Valentine’s Day Votive… using scrap booking paper left over from another project and magazine cut-outs…

  1. Wash and dry a small votive candle holder.
  2. Choose/Cut shapes out of scraps/magazines.
  3. Apply some small dabs to shapes and place on votive collage style. Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge over all ends of the pictures/shapes to make sure they adhere smoothly to the votive candle holder.
  4. (I don’t think you can really see it in the picture…) Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to completely cover the votive candle holder, shake glitter all over the votive candle holder.
  5. Let dry and then insert votive candle.

Amore Box  Painted wooden heart gift box –  I picked this little wooden gift box up at AC Moore’s last year. I painted it completely red and then let dry. Once dry, I painted the accents…paint markers work great for writing!

“Peaches” – #15

Last night was a cold one…so I curled up with a blanket, a blank canvas, watercolor paints, and my paintbrushes! It’s funny how you start with one idea in mind and as you paint another thing develops…this painting began with the idea of a floral-scape and ended up as a painting of fuzzy “Peaches”…guess I was feeling a little funky!  Once I get a frame for it, this will make a nice addition to our Country Chic theme in the Kitchen and Dining Room…haven’t decided if it’s going to be vertical or horizontal…. I bet there will be more simple fruit paintings to come though!

Peaches Painting


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