Hi, I’m Laura. I am a dreamer, a big dreamer, the type that wants to take on the world in a day…which just isn’t really possible so I plug away doing all I can each day. I started blogging a few years ago – currently I have three blogs, one for crafting, one for cooking, and one for daily life and memoirs. I have a little bit of artistic ADHD in the way that I like to do a lot of things at once, a very eclectic personality. I paint, I write, I enjoy cooking, crafting, going to the beach, reading…the list goes on. My ultimate dream is to cultivate my blogs (get on that consistent routine and share my journey and experiences), sell my paintings, write and publish a book or two (or four if I get there!), and own a boutique/art gallery. I’m also in the process of upstarting an all natural soap company… I keep my plate pretty full…

I created this blog to share my DIYing ups and downs, my love of crafting, and to also help promote fellow crafters. I share my experiences, trials, and successes in my crafting projects (many inspired by the oh very addicting Pinterest). I always try and give credit where it is due so if I try your idea and I missed shouting you out please let me know, I hold honesty as a very high priority. I hope to be able to inspire you to “let your creativity flow” too through my blog!

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Connect with me:

Twitter: @redirectlife

Pinterest: GingerGooseBoutique