This weekend I hosted a sleepover for my son and two other boys so I was on the run a bit this weekend making sure there were snacks, drinks, and putting out mini-quarrels about what video game to play…I needed a quick craft to complete! 

DIY Painted Bobby Pins

What You Need:

starting bobby pins


I first slid the bobby pins onto the cardboard pieces to hold them still and steady. Next I went to town, painting random colors and some designs. With some colors I found I had to do a few coats to fully coat the bobby pin. I let the colors dry and then added two coats of top coat. Once dry I slid them off of the cardboard. * It is important to fully let the nail polish dry on the bobby pins or it will smudge/pull off (I learned this the hard way). And Ta Da’ I have new hair accessories.

painting bobby pins

This was a cute and easy project, a think a neat gift idea too!