You would never know how much I hate clutter walking into my house…stacked with stuff that just really doesn’t have a place to go quite yet. I think that may be one of the things that steals away some of my motivation, it just feels overwhelming looking at it all sometimes. I almost feel like I need a “blank canvas” to get it all together. The key for me, living in a small condo with way too much stuff, is to be creative and resourceful (those are the key words of this year!).  Also being on a really tight budge I have been very focused on trying to re-purpose things and use things and areas smarter.

I made this message board in about 5 minutes using an old and cracked small cork board from my son’s room that he no longer utilizes… I cut the cracked edges off, wrapped it in cupboard liner that I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1 a roll (I am hoping to use them in the cupboards and drawers to add more design to the kitchen) and hot glued some decorative paper clips to it to hold notes and things. I then glued magnets onto the back so I could stick it on the fridge.

fridge board1 fridge board2 fridge board3 fridge board4

I also found that sticking magnet strips on the back of a calender and my son’s art work was a great way to stick it to the fridge! I put up the “Pretty Clipboards” ( I had made earlier in the week and chose my favorite magnets to keep neatly displayed.

fridge organization 1 fridge organization 2

I figure if I do a little bit each day that I will eventually get my home organized how I want it to be… the bonus is that I have a little bit of a tax refund coming…hoping to pick up some new shelves and cabinets to help get things organized better too. Happy Crafting, Cleaning and Organizing!