bh finished2

I was looking for ideas to organize my bathroom but still keep it chic looking and not too utility looking or feeling…

This 20-minute craft created a nice way to keep my make up brushes organized and add a little upscale flare to the bathroom.

brushholder supplies  Step 1. Gather your supplies – 2 glass votive holders, 2 faux flowers, vase fillers, ribbon. You will also need a hot glue gun and scissors.

bh step 1  Step 2.  Pull flower tops off of stems and cut strips of ribbon to fit around the votive holders.

bh step2  Step 3. Wrap ribbon around votive holders and glue in place. Glue flower tops to wear ribbon comes together.

bh finished1 Step 4. Fill votive holders about half way with vase filler and insert brushes. Place in bathroom in place of your choice.

An easy and quick project!