I made these to contribute to my Kitchen Organizing…This is a pretty way to keep forms such as grocery shopping lists and cleaning tasks lists neat and tidy.

Plain Clipboards  1. Start with plain clipboards. I was able to find a 3-pack at Staples for about $4.

Paint Blue  2. Paint clipboards your color(s) of choice. I was going to make one red and one blue but ended up painting both red. I’ll save the blue one for another project another day.

Cover Clip Add Embellishments  3. Cover Clip…I glued fabric scraps on using Modge Podge… worked out okay but was a pain, I wouldn’t wish this task on my worst enemy… I would suggest either hot gluing the fabric scraps or go with a different medium to cover it. Next add embellishments, I used some faux flowers I purchased today on my supplies shopping trip.

Add Magnets  4. Add magnets. I purchased these self-adhesive “Magnet Cards” at AC Moores for about $3 for a pack of 6. I added some hot glue to the back to help strengthen the bond.

Pretty Clipboard Pretty Clipboards 5. Add printables and your set.                                                                                 I found my printables on Pinterest…lots of choices there!