I am on an adventure to make-over my home which has made me into quite the busy busy bee. I spent the morning organizing bills and mail, and searching for the perfect printables for some of my upcoming home projects. This weekend is all about home organization and doing it creatively and being resourceful. My supplies shopping list includes:

  • clipboards
  • ribbon and embellishments
  • magazine/file boxes
  • baking pans
  • mason jars
  • fabric scraps/quarters
  • chalkboard paint
  • glass vases
  • canvases
  • vase fillers
  • magnet strips
  • paint markers in gold, silver, and black
  • wooden unfinished frames
  • tin bin/box
  • wooden unfinished trays
  • small hooks
  • binder
  • ceramic flower pots

What do you think will come out of all of this?     “Stay tuned!”  I can’t wait to share my new creations with you! busybee