Even if I’m not crafting my mind is in it’s world all the time now! It’s great! Of course that means I have several projects started all at once as I try and get my ideas out on my downtime! I have at least five projects (and two of my son’s) going on here! I even have my paint palettes (which is actually an acrylic paint paper booklet – it makes it easy clean up!)  labeled per project – see I’m trying to stay somewhat organized here in my cloud of clutter… I have all my supplies organized on a hand-me-down shelving/hutch that my boyfriend got me when he helped some friends move. I plan on painting this and cleaning it up for one of my summer projects…I’m all about re-purposing furniture these days!

Projects in Progress2Projects in Progress1


What does your crafting mess look like? How do you keep your projects organized?  Share your photos and comments! I’ll raffle off a prize at the end of the week!