I guess I should stop calling it by days and go by projects…My goal is to have 365 Crafts/Arts completed by the end of the year…but I am a little behind on projects (since I didn’t start this journey on January 1st) so today was a day with two completed projects : ) We just happened to be celebrating my son’s 9th Birthday today too so I had an extra project to complete

For my son I painted him a Flame Guitar Picture Frame for his room. He is into that Rocker stuff right now ; )I was able to find an already made wooden frame at AC Moore’s which gave me a leg up on the project. You could also cut your own design out of a wood slab. I started by painting the whole piece black. (Between each layer I let it dry). I had to add about two layers of black to get the finish I wanted. I then painted a large-scale of red flames on the piece. Once the red had dried (I did two layers of the red also) I added smaller orange flames and accents. I then accented the orange flames with yellow.
Flame Guitar Frame