These past two days have had some hurdles…My boyfriend ended up in the ER with Hypothermia…we are on the road to recovery and pretty much in the clear now but it was definitely a scary situation. His heart rate dropped down to 30 and his body temp was down to 90…so between sitting in the ER and fussing over him to make sure he was staying warm and vitals were okay I was a little slim on time for my journey activities… doesn’t mean I couldn’t keep to it… this leads to works in progress…These are paintings that I’ve started other days and just keep adding to as I have a few minutes here and there… I’ve always had a thing for painting abstract trees…

This one is dark tree so far… as my design and thoughts develop who knows what it’ll become though…this one I started earlier this week.

Brown Base inprogress1.5

This painting was started a couple of weeks ago and I hit a stall…when the inspiration strikes I will continue… so far painting the moss has been my favorite part of this painting.

In Progress1