Yesterday I really dove in to learning and exploring as much as I could in a day’s time about social media and blogging…it’s very easy to get distracted! So much that I found myself sucked in well into the middle of the night! I tweeted like crazy, I started following like 100 other tweeters, I discovered link parties and even discovered something called – which is where you put a plug up promoting yourself and then you share other people’s plugs on your social media sites and they share yours too – you earn “karma points” for every plug you share and that’s what you use to “buy” your promotional plugs. It’s crazy and all so exciting to me. I come from a marketing background but a lot of this is still new to me. I’m only turning thirty this year but call me old fashioned. I worked in radio advertising and what I sold as online advertising then was basically limited to banner ads, online directories, and online radio streaming ads. It’s amazing to me how much the online marketing and advertising platform has changed in the face of social media and how interactive it is now…and totally time consuming if you don’t discipline yourself. The journey I thought I was setting out on as a craft, a blog, and some simple online promoting is rapidly twisting as I discover new things.