Day 3 was about preserving memories from our vacation last summer to Ocean City, Maryland. I wanted to make something that we could display in the living room, something more outspoken and treasurable than just photographs. I had started thinking of this idea while we were on vacation but never really put the idea into motion.

We had gathered sand from the beach and a bunch of shells. Some of the shells I had strung on fishing line to make a mobile (which I have yet to finish ugh!) but I still had remaining all of the beach sand and the little or broken shells.¬† I picked up a large cylinder vase at the store – super cheap for like $3 because it had two small chips in the glass at the top. I brought it home, cleaned all the labels off it (Dawn with hot water works well to get the residue off). I then layered the sand and shells into the vase. I didn’t want something to over the top because I wanted it to fit nicely into our modern yet laid back decor in the living room so to finish it off I applied one of those city name vacation decals you can get – just says OCMD…simple yet classic.
It’s not the best photograph to show it off but it looks cool and it was so simple to complete… I’m thinking I can do different variations of glass shapes for each vacation we go on and display them all together on a bookshelf.