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Simplifying…Closing Some Windows…

I’ve come to the conclusion that though my OCD can lead me to a path of organization, it has also created some more than needed chaos in some areas of my life……

I started blogging a couple of years ago and it has been an on and off walk for me. I currently have three blogs that I do not maintain so well…not that I don’t have a million thoughts and ideas running through my head to share with the world but that I have come to conclusion of an ever going thought process that I have too many avenues and too many ventures partial started for me to keep up with. I have a blog for cooking, a blog for crafting, and a blog for everything else.  One afternoon last week, coming out of a meditation, I saw a clear solution on how I can be more efficient, sensible, and more successful in reaching my dreams and goals – I need to simplify.

With that said, I’ll be closing some windows so that I may open a door…

I’ll be closing this blog and moving my crafting and artsy posts to my hodge podge lifestyle blog I hope you will continue to follow me and read my stories, thoughts, and chatter as I continue on my journey.

simplify life

DIY Painted Bobby Pins – an easy and quick project

This weekend I hosted a sleepover for my son and two other boys so I was on the run a bit this weekend making sure there were snacks, drinks, and putting out mini-quarrels about what video game to play…I needed a quick craft to complete! 

DIY Painted Bobby Pins

What You Need:

starting bobby pins


I first slid the bobby pins onto the cardboard pieces to hold them still and steady. Next I went to town, painting random colors and some designs. With some colors I found I had to do a few coats to fully coat the bobby pin. I let the colors dry and then added two coats of top coat. Once dry I slid them off of the cardboard. * It is important to fully let the nail polish dry on the bobby pins or it will smudge/pull off (I learned this the hard way). And Ta Da’ I have new hair accessories.

painting bobby pins

This was a cute and easy project, a think a neat gift idea too! 

Kids Activity – Watercolor Silhouette Paintings

watercolor elephant pictures

Looking for a rainy day activity to do with your kid(s)… my son and I did these paintings in spirit of World Elephant Day this past August. This is an easy to put together paint project and was also quick clean up!

What you need: 

  • Canvas, size of your choice – I used two 8.5×11 
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cup of Water
  • Newspapers, Paper Towels or some type of table covering
  • Print out of silhouette of your choice – I downloaded clipart photos from Google and then print them and cut them out
  • Tape


  1. Cover table with newspapers to protect from paint.
  2. Tape silhouette to canvas – I put the tape on the back of the silhouette so that there weren’t lines on the canvas.
  3. Choose colors and paint right over the silhouette.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Peel off silhouette and ta da!

How to Create and Easy Halloween Centerpiece


A vintage black kitty figurine, a jar filled with candy corn, a lace web tablecloth, and some assorted guords make a classic Halloween Centerpiece.

How to make Mason Jar Spice Jars

I have had this project on my To-Do List for almost a year now…finally broke down and got it done! A simple craft to organize your spice cabinet.

Supplies Needed:

  • Mason Jars (I purchased mine at AC Moore’s but you can up-cycle old ones too!)
  • Chalkboard Paint (I went with Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint)
  • Goof-Off (To remove the price labels and adhesive off of the jars)
  • Paintbrush
  • Chalk

To start, disassemble the lids from the jars, remove the price labels from the lids using Goof-Off or another adhesive remover, and wash the jars with a mild dish soap.

Paint the lids of the mason jars. I decided to only paint the inner part of the lids and leave the outer rings silver.

1st step of spice jars

I had to do a few layers of the paint to get the desired thickness, letting each layer dry between. Next allow the paint to completely dry, recommended 24 hours of curing time.

Write with chalk to label the jar lids, add spices, and enjoy!

Spice Jars

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How to Make Photo Tree Art

First Paint a Tree: I used a large rectangular canvas. My first “draft” was more abstract, I later outlined the branches to add more depth and re-shaded the painting to make it more realistic looking using Burnt Umber.

Photo Tree - Tree Painting

This project was made to display at my upcoming Grandmother’s Memorial Service so I am using some old photographs that I didn’t want to get damaged by adhesives so I picked up a box of photo corners to apply to the painting to hold the photographs.

Finished Photo Tree

I arranged the photos on the painted canvas using the photo pockets to hold the photos in place. This provided a great way to share beautiful memories.

This would be a great project to also complete for a Birthday Party, a Bridal Shower, an Anniversary Party, and many more occasions!

I’m thinking of transforming this into a more permanent photo holder after the event by painting small frame outlines onto the canvas “hanging from the tree” and then adhering photo (copies) to the board within the “frames” and then framing the whole artwork to hang in the living room or hallway.

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Being a crafter and artist at heart I can never go a week without seeing inspiration for a project idea – (You know you’re a crafter/DIYer if you see something in every store and think “I can make that”). This would be a quote that would be fitting in my house!

wine vs men plaque project idea

Completely Fell Off the Wagon

We win some and we lose some… last new year’s resolution didn’t work out so well with 365 Crafts a Day but I am not giving up. I’ve heard that failures are just steps to success so this weekend I climbed back on the wagon. I may not hit my goal of 365 Crafts in a year but at least I will have made some progress. This weekend I started two new projects (and expect to finish them this week!) Sometimes we set goals way over our heads (and with my hectic constant changing life I just wasn’t able to keep up with a craft a day but that doesn’t mean I have to give up completely!) or as I say, “Reach for the Moon and if you don’t make it you will still fall among the stars”.  So here I go again, Look for me in the stars!

moon and stars

Easy and Inexpensive Snazzy Kitchen Updating

I found some pretty shelf liner at The Dollar Tree (only $1 a roll – woohoo!)

We are in full swing of several home updates and this was a great and cheap way to add more design to the start of our kitchen update! Turning out to be more time consuming than we thought but we’re getting there.


Our kitchen plans include some new hardware on the cabinets and maybe even some DIY cabinet painting and updates. My boyfriend had the pot rack welded for me for a Christmas gift (which I absolutely love!)


We’ll be adding some herb planters in the window with quaint curtains or a chic valance and some updated organization into the cupboards. I’m also working on new DIY spice jars. I can’t wait until we have it all finished!

Hope our project helps inspire yours as well!

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